Volkslift Eco-friendly Elevators

Elevators and escalators represent 3-7% of a building’s energy consumption, however – so while elevators may not be your biggest energy consumer, they offer potential for considerable cost and energy savings.

Energy efficient offices use 75% less energy than the average workplace, meaning organisations can reduce costs by up to 10%. One way to contribute to the eco-friendliness of your building is to install a more sustainable lift system.

To support the goals of environmental protection Volkslift East Africa provides power regeneration and power saving components and functions.

Advantages of Volkslift Eco-friendly Elevator Lifts

More Energy Savings- Eco-friendly elevators not only help in producing power which could be used for other purposes, they also help in saving money by minimizing the need for cooling the elevator machine. Regenerative drives help in reducing power consumption and help you in saving big in the long term.

Special Sensors – New green elevators have special in-cab sensors that further help increase energy efficiency. They allow the system to enter idle mode whenever they are not in use. Not only are the lights turned off, even the ventilation, music and video systems are either turned off or hibernated.

New Regenerative Drive Systems – The latest green elevator systems are installed with specially designed energy saving drives that enable efficient use of energy. The recovered energy is then used up within your home or office’s electrical system. This could help you in saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars annually in energy costs.

Regular Maintenance

Even the most Eco-friendly elevator technologies on the market won’t save the owner money if they aren’t properly maintained. Elevators in the middle of their life cycle can see improvements in energy efficiency if they are serviced regularly.

If you’re looking for ways to achieve greater efficiency and Eco-friendliness, contact Volkslift East Africa today to discuss service or modernization options.

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