German Virtues Spread To Global Markets

Volkslift East Africa aims to combine the advantages of connecting people, cultures and economic zones. We do this for the benefit and safety of our valued customers and passengers. More so, we strive to serve our clients the highest technical and quality level at best commercial conditions . We also strive to support you  in running your business smooth and successful.

Germany is the world recognized country which possesses renown producers of high technology and quality industrial output. Volkslift, Germany, established since 1935, is domiciled in Cologne. Since the production of it’s first passenger elevator, Volkslift, remained as the pioneer and market leader in the elevator industry. The products and components of Volkslift were widely used in European landmark buildings such as Congress of Germany, Britain and France and all over the world.

Volkslift Elevator (China) Co. Ltd., founded in 2003, is a joint venture commonly funded by German VOLKSLiFT Group with over 80 years of experience . The Huzhou Xunda Elevator are also a part of the joint venture with over 30 years of experience. All the way since 1935, the prior companies of German Volkslift and ancestors of today Director established the company characteristics .They are based on advanced industry technology and on German’s unique preference to perfect quality.

Volkslift specializes in the design, manufacture, installation and after-sales services of elevators, escalators and moving walkways for home, buildings and high-rise condominium projects. Our product range includes:

  • Home Elevators, Passenger Elevators, Panoramic elevators, Freight elevators, and Cargo / Goods Lifts, and Dumbwaiters lifts.

Partnership with Schindler

Schindler, a leading global elevator and escalator company present in China since the early 1980s, also established a new joint venture with Chinese elevator company, Volkslift Elevator (China) Co. Ltd. As part of the agreement, Schindler Group initially acquired a 25% equity stake in Volkslift Elevator (China) Co. Ltd.

China is the world’s largest elevator and escalator market, accounting for more than half of all global new installations. The new joint venture will further accelerate Schindler’s growth in this region by enhancing geographical and customer coverage in areas where Schindler has been less present to date. It is a further consistent step in the execution of Schindler’s growth strategy.

Volkslift has been in partnership with big construction companies and is keen to extend our expertise in elevator technologies to all our clients. We support and work with clients such as Architects, Structural engineers, Main Contractors, Developers, and M&E consultants providing them with affordable elevator systems with the latest high end German technologies.

Volkslift East Africa will provide you with professional service and installation with the best price in the market. We have 24 hour maintenance back up system and 24 hour call center that is ready to serve you to your satisfaction.

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