Freight Elevators

VOLKSLIFT VH series fright elevators are reliable and robust working equipment. The rope elevators stand out by their simple and reliable technic which grants reliable driving characteristic and precise levelling independent of temperature or load influence.

According to market demands and with years of design and manufacturing experience, VOLKSLIFT VH series freight lift can cope with various severe environments and has become an ideal choice for factories, warehouses, malls, real estate centers and other places with its high sense of carrying responsibility and powerful carrying capacity.

With small traction machine and thin control cabinet in use, VOLKSLIFT downsizes the measures of machine rooms. Compared with traditional elevator machine rooms, the height is reduced by 250 mm and the space by nearly 70 %

+ Save construction area, improve degree of design freedom.

+ Machine room is an extension of the well and there is no need to occupy other spaces.

+ Advanced technology saves up to 30 % of energy.

Each and every control is programmed and

tested in VOLKSLIFT control production. Since the control is a core component we offer a choice of different controls with different functionality and origin including cost effective standard solutions with integrated VVVF and control up to load-sensitive multicar-groups, complex remote-control applications or destination control.

Volkslift Passenger elevators provide two core advantages: Reduced construction dimensions due to small or none machine

room designs and enhanced space feeling due to higher cars and wider doors that improve the comfort of passengers.

  • The cabin height is enhanced from 2400 mm to 2500 mm for a better space feeling.
  • Cabins for 800 kg net load: Enlarged door width from 800 mm to 900 mm leads to 100 mm gain of comfort.