About Us


VOLKSLiFT EA combines the following advantages to ensure we offer the best services in the elevator business.

  • Our long history of outstanding engineering skills in Germany.
  • The rapid growth and attractive surrounding of elevator industry in East Africa.

The basis of the Elevator Industry is on real estate development and the industrial business. It includes market volume and  design, production, installation and after sales service respectively.

Our Heritage

VOLKSLiFT GmbH was established in Germany and has a long 80-year history of outstanding engineering skills. We use this to support the rapid growth and attractive surrounding of the elevator industry.

VOLKSLiFT is in pursuit to connect the world and spread German Engineering to Global Markets. Our continual aim is to combine the advantage of connecting continents, cultures and economic zones for the benefit and safety of valued customers and passengers.

Our Vision and Strategy

We strive to serve our clients by;

  • Providing the highest technical and quality level at best commercial conditions.
  • Furthermore, support you in running your business smoothly and successfully.

Our Mission

  • To provide exceptional customer experiences.
  • Commissioning safe, reliable, convenient elevators.
  • Offer complete vertical mobility solutions to homeowners, architects, builders and developers.

We provide all these services over the full life cycle of the client’s  buildings.

Customer Promise

VOLKSLiFT EA provides its clients with responsive and timely maintenance support services. We work with your project’s schedule to ensure the delivery is done fast and effectively without compromising quality or cost.

Who We Serve

VOLKSLiFT EA supports and works with clients such as Developers, Architects, Main Contractors and with an array of end-users. We do this by providing affordable elevator systems with the latest German technologies.

We are more than 11 300 people, do you want to work with us?