Commercial and Hotel Elevators

VOLKSLIFT provides superior passenger elevators for commercial and hotel buildings which meet the high requirements of business environments:

  • checkGenerous by higher cabin and wider doors.
  • checkElegant with a fine choice of interior designs.
  • checkComfortable due to advanced layout and components.
  • checkEffective by outstanding multiple elevator control features.
Comfortable riding means

1. The outer shape of the cabin is optimized aerodynamically to effectively restrain wakes.
2. High performances sound insulation materials are applied to significantly reduce the noise inside
the cabin.
3. Spring mounted guide rollers reduce vibrations as well as swinging effects effectively.
4. Latest shock attenuation devices improve riding comfort.

Multiple safety means

1. Advanced door and movement protection systems improve the safety for the access of passengers.
2. Safety protection devices are closely connected with each other to create safest operation
3. EMC-technology terminals for reliability in operation and
thus protection of passengers.
4. Intelligent remote monitor systems for real-time information
and preventive maintenance.

Each and every control is programmed and tested in VOLKSLIFT control production. Since the control is a core component we offer a choice of different controls with different functionality and origin including cost effective standard solutions with integrated VVVF and control up to load-sensitive multicar-groups, complex remote-control applications or destination control.

VOLKSLIFT presents optional top of the art synchronized gearless motors originated from the German producer Ziehl-Abegg. TCO (total cost of ownership) can be reduced significantly – an attractive opportunityfor long term oriented developers.


Volkslift Passenger elevators provide two core advantages: Reduced construction dimensions due to small or none machine

room designs and enhanced space feeling due to higher cars and wider doors that improve the comfort of passengers.

  • The cabin height is enhanced from 2400 mm to 2500 mm for a better space feeling.
  • Cabins for 800 kg net load: Enlarged door width from 800 mm to 900 mm leads to 100 mm gain of comfort.