Lift Installation in Kenya and East Africa

A lift is a system permanently installed that serves for vertical transport of persons or goods . Lift  installation team usually has 3 or 4 members: installation mechanic,electrician,the person in charge of installation who consults with; cranemen, scaffolders, carpenters and masons. 

The team requires to get familiar with:

  • Construction layout drawing of the building
  • Structural diagram of the elevator hoistway
  • Layout drawing of the elevator hoistway
  • Drawings of related embedded parts and preformed holes
  • Layout plan of the machine room.

Lift Installation processes 

  1. Scaffolding
    Scaffolding is a required item of preparation for lift installation. The quality of scaffolding has a major influence on the safety of the installation personnel and the progress of lift installation.
  2. Fabricating template holders
    Materials used for fabricating template holders include wood and profiled steel.Profiled steel is usually used for high-rise elevators. Wood is the most frequently used material for the time being.
  3. Erecting template holders
    Template holders are usually fixed in the hoist way 500mm below the floor of the machine room. If there is no machine room or there is only a small machine room, the template holders are fixed in the hoistway 250mm below the top plate of the hoistway.
  4. Installation of rail supports
    Check the ring beams or embedded steel plates of the hoistway
    Check the positions and exterior dimensions of the ring beams of the hoistway and embedded steel plates of the brackets according to the Vertical Elevator Hoistway Drawing.Home elevators
  5. Installation of landing doors
  6. Installation of hoisting machine
  7. Installation of buffers
    A hydraulic buffer is usually used. The buffers are usually selected according to the rated speed.
  8. Installation of car frame and safety gears
    The car is usually assembled on the top terminal landing because the top terminal landing is closest to the machine room and thus convenient for lifting the parts and checking dimensions of the machine room.
  9. Installation of hoisting ropes
    When the car is in the leveling position of the highest floor (the raised height of the car shall be taken into consideration), the counterweight is at the bottom floor, and the distance from its counterweight ram to the buffer in the pit is S, use a 2.5mm2 electric wire to measure the working length needed for the steel wire rope and allow for 500mm margin at each end.
  10. Installation of car
  11. Installation of door operator
  12. Installation of speed governor
  13. Installation of infrared multi-beam screen
    This device will be assembled if the user chooses this option.
  14. Installation of control cabinetLift Installation view
  15. Installation of cable system
    The cable system mainly comprises: flat-shaped hoistway trailing cables,
    round-shaped prefabricated hoistway cables, and other branch cables
  16. Installation of signal system
    The signal system mainly involves:
    1. Installation of terminal landing switches, travel limit switches, and final limit cams
    2. Installation of magnetic screens and magnetic switches
  17. Installation and connection of rotary encoder:
    The rotary encoder is an important device for detecting speed feedback in the elevator
    control system. The quality of its installation has a direct influence on the system performance.
  18. Wiring and earthing

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