Why Choose Eco-friendly Elevators

Eco-friendly elevators?

The first question probably running through your mind is what is an Eco-friendly elevators. Some people refer to them as green elevators. One thing to keep in mind is that energy consumption is key. For Eco-friendly elevators the processes we apply, the machines one needs and the type of technologies that you use are used as determinants when integrating the elevators. Other aspects we consider is the lighting, the type of control panels and the HVAC systems plus flooring and painting. All this contribute to an elevator being Eco-friendly thus becoming very key on its outlook and general operations.

More energy saving eco-friendly elevators

We use inventions such as Machine room less Technology which was initially introduced in the mid-1900s. Miniature versions of the technology have made it convenient to run an elevator incorporating a gear less traction design. Our elevators look to save up to 50% of energy reduction than earlier inventions. Some make use of already used energy by recovering the used energy and putting it back to the electrical system. Looking at the large scale of things, you’d comfortably save a lot of energy in a month alone. They are known as regenerative drive system.

How they work
We use current technologies that make use of double deck elevators. They are called group control systems, mostly used in buildings with high traffic. It moves traffic to one lift at a time and minimize on the number of stops to be made. You’ll find one lift only makes stops to even numbered floors or on odd numbered floors. This makes it possible for us to help ease flow especially in urban areas with high traffic.

There’s also the use of in-cab sensors that allow elevators to go into idle mode. The same way phones would go to sleep mode when they’re not being used. Therefore, when the lights go out, the music stops, video screens are off, the ventilation system slows much of electricity. Even the energy consumption is reduced thus helping cut on costs incurred as well.

Lastly, we have the use of destination dispatch software. It takes elevator stops in batches and then makes all the necessary stops in one trip. Other elevators would make every person going to one floor wait for the next trip. This makes a passenger take longer to get to where they’re going.

The advantage of using eco-friendly elevators is that your buildings will use less water, energy and other materials especially when looking at the long term aspect. In order to meet your needs, we are enhancing our products with the capabilities that will decrease large energy consumption as well as help conserve the environment.

Save the planet,Install eco friendly elevatorsThey help improve the building’s efficiency as well as property value. Systems with destination control software would help avail transportation much faster and much more efficient travelling capabilities. This would let the building owners to welcome more tenants with traffic needs.


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