Lift Installation in Kenya and East Africa


Volkslift East Africa’s engineers, technicians, and project managers possess a high level of education, resources and technical support.

We offer a variety of modern elevators, escalators and moving walkways to compliment new buildings. Moreover, our renovation and modernization program helps existing or old buildings to upgrade their upward mobility for better efficiency.

We offer vertical transportation products and solutions that will meet any design or application specification. These include hydraulic to traction, low-rise to mid-rise mobility solutions. Our commitment to high quality, tested equipment allows you to work with us to achieve a seamless elevator construction and architectural design.

We offer a complete range of hydraulic and traction based equipment including:

  • Holed hydraulic
  • Hole-less hydraulic
  • Roped hydraulic
  • Traction based
  • Vertical reciprocating conveyors
  • Freight and Industrial
  • Custom installations required for unique projects
  • Machine Room-Less (MRL)

No matter what your vertical mobility needs are, we can accommodate your business needs. For elevator lifts and escalators orders and enquiries, send us an email on or call us today on 0716755 599

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